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Computer Science is an interesting and challenging profession, which provides much intellectual satisfaction and exposes the student to a wide range of areas in the field. Students have at their disposal state-of-the-art-laboratories with the most advanced technology and software. Parallel to the theoretical courses, a large number of hours are dedicated to practical experience and application workshops in the laboratory, enabling students to become highly skilled in the development of program systems and writing large projects. Studies in this department are prestigious and highly regarded by potential employers in the workforce. Graduates integrate well into hi-tech companies in Jerusalem and the rest of the country.

A fascinating profession that examines how the eye receives the world and how it is transmitted to the brain, what happens when there is a “breakdown” in the information processing process, how do “vision improvements”, such as glasses or contact lenses, work, how laser surgery is carried out to improve vision, and more.

This unique department integrates academic studies with practical experience, to train eye specialists and optometrists to diagnose and treat problems in the visual system.

Straus Campus is the only place in Israel and abroad that offers optometry studies in a strictly Haredi atmosphere. Among the teaching faculty are the best optometrists in the country and ophthalmologists from the Hadassah Medical Center.

Innovative insight into the field of management studies in Israel. This unique and challenging program will provide students with excellent tools to facilitate their integration into a range of management positions in various service organizations, and be able to significantly contribute to these organizations. Special emphasis is placed on quality service awareness from a long-term business perspective, especially due to the increased demand for heightened awareness to service, and as a result of measured preference in the modern world, the technological and the competitive, according to the level of service.

Dr. Y. Frost, Head of the Department of Management at Hadassah Academic College will head this Department. Dr. Frost has many years of experience in building high-level study tracks in business and organization management. This unique and enriching program is designed to suit the latest market trends, and offers comprehensive training unmatched by other institutes of learning.

It is well-known that the two forces with the most influence on the public agenda are politics and the media, which are bound and intertwined together.  This department brings together these two specializations in order to train skilled professionals in the most sought after professions in Israel’s public sector.

The program covers all subjects in the field of politics, from managing an election campaign to lobbying in the Knesset, from government propaganda to “promoting” a candidate for a political party, from media appearances to managing an online website, from how best to use an opinion poll to what is and is not acceptable in political media activity.

This is a profession of the future with great economic potential that attracts large investments and considerable resources from governmental agencies and others to develop this industry.  Biotechnology deals with research and development of the science of biology for advanced technological applications.  For example, living organisms are used to produce drugs, sustainable food products, food supplements, cosmetics, advanced agricultural developments and to improve the quality of the environment (the utilization and neutralization of agricultural and industrial waste) as well as to manufacture medical equipment and other products beneficial to man.

Few institutes train specialists in the field of biotechnology even though the knowledge continues to race ahead.  This field has expanded in recent years and is developing at a rapid pace throughout the world and is of great importance to the development and progress of many other important fields such as medicine.

Effective communication forms the foundation of just about every interaction we experience in our day to day lives, from the workplace to the classroom and in all our personal exchanges. For individuals suffering from communication difficulties, to be understood or to understand others, access to effective treatment is absolutely essential. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of communications disorders and an ever-increasing demand for clinicians with the knowledge and skills to address these conditions.