Who we are

Campus Strauss is an academic arm of the Hadassah Academic College for Haredi students.

History and Background

Until recently, thousands of ultra-orthodox families in Israel lived in poverty, dependent on meager salaries, kollel stipends, social welfare and local charities, to help them to sustain their large families.

In recent decades, increasing levels of need and social changes have sparked a trend among Haredi community members to pursue a profession. Orthodox men and women who historically refrained from secular education are now seeking to obtain academic degrees which will open the doors to high paying jobs that will enable them to support their typically large families. Employers who were once not interested in hiring Haredi employees are now encouraged to make whatever accommodations needed to help an orthodox employee feel comfortable at work.

But while seeking employment may seem a noble pursuit, the path towards obtaining a livelihood can be challenging. Israel boasts many institutions of higher learning but very few offer training and education to the Haredi public in an environment that suits its lifestyle. For an ultra-orthodox individual, compromising one’s religious values is unthinkable and does not justify any goal, however noble it may be.

Campus Strauss

Campus Strauss is the product of successful collaboration between Hadassah Academic College and Lomda Institute. HAC is a prestigious college that offers marketable professions which are highly regarded in the market. Lomda Institute has 25 years of experience in training the Haredi community.

In 2011, the Ministry of Education proposed an offer to Institutions of Higher Education throughout Israel to open separate campuses for Haredi students and offer the same degrees that are available to the secular public. The campuses- referred to as MAHAR (Hebrew acronym for Misgeret Haredit- ultra-orthodox institution and translated “tomorrow” or “future”) must be physically located close to the home college and offer its curricular, lecturers and academic experience to Haredi men and women separately.

As a result of this bid, Lomda partnered with Hadassah Academic College (HAC), thus forming the Strauss Campus for academic studies. In this joint venture, the academic responsibility rests on the shoulders of the HAC, and all the administrative and organizational responsibility is placed on Lomda.