CEO’s Note

Yaakov Yeruslavsky CEO


If you’re here, it’s because you care. And also because you share my beliefs.

I believe in giving every Haredi individual the opportunity to earn a proper living and be financially self-sufficient. That is why Campus  Strauss offers career- oriented degrees that lead directly to high paying jobs.

I believe that every student is entitled to study in an environment that is suitable to his or her religious lifestyle. That is why Campus Strauss is managed by Haredi staff, with separate campuses for men and women.

I believe in removing stereotypes and building bridges among the different communities in Jerusalem. Our track record of over 12,000 graduates in Lomda and a high employment rate among our alumni is proof that Campus Strauss is an outstanding agent for integrating the ultra- orthodox population into the mainstream workforce in Israel.

I believe that all students need both individual guidance and financial support to help them successfully complete their studies. That is why Campus Strauss offers scholarships and personal mentoring to each and every student.

I believe we have the potential to enroll thousands of Haredi students in higher education and to make a real change in Israel’s society. I am offering you the opportunity to join me in this revolution, and support our students as they make their way into the workforce. Together, we can help the Haredi population enter a new era of self-sufficiency and prosperity.

Yaakov Yeruslavsky
CEO, Strauss Campus Afikei Lomda