Strauss Campus, is the product of collaboration between Lomda and Hadassah Academic College. The campus was founded as a result of a proposal set by the Council for Higher Education and funded by the Budgeting and Planning Committee.

The project, referred to as MAHAR (Hebrew acronym for Misgeret Haredit- orthodox institution and translated “tomorrow”) proposed to secular colleges to open separate campuses for orthodox students. The purpose of the initiative is to encourage the ultra-Orthodox to pursue a career-focused academic education while respecting their way of life, leading to full and productive integration into the workforce.

כיתת גברים2

Hadassah Academic College

HAC is a well-established college in Jerusalem. It has a great reputation and attracts many students from around the country to participate in its variety of study courses which are unique and sought after for its top high level of excellence.

The curriculum at Hadassah Academic College (HAC) is recognized by the Institution of Higher Education (CHE) and is eligible to grant degrees (BA and MA). Also, it is subsidized by the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC), therefore reducing tuition fees in relation to the various private colleges.

Offering the Best

True to our longstanding principal, Lomda chose to partner with HAC because it offers career- focused professions. As of 2017 the degrees offered to the students at Strauss Campus are: optometry; biotechnology; management; computer science; media and politics and communication disorders.In addition, since our students come with various backgrounds of secular studies, we offer a pre academic “Mechina” course to help students reach the required level in math, English, computers, sciences and literation before enrolling in academic studies.


The Perfect Location

The campus is located within the Haredi neighborhoods of Jerusalem, easily accessible from all parts of the city. In addition, it is only a few minutes from the home college. This allows lecturers to easily split their time between the campuses.