The pre academic study program was designed to perfectly fit the Haredi population, as a continuation to their studies within accepted Haredi institutions– Talmudei Torah and Yeshivot for the men and Haredi high schools for the women. It assists students to bridge the gap between the knowledge they acquired in these learning institutes and what is required for academic studies.

A matriculation certificate with a pass grade in the core subjects is a requirement for academic studies. The Pre-Academic Program offers courses in: English, Mathematics and Academic Literacy.The Pre-Academic Program also offers courses in chemistry, biology and physics for students who intend to study for a science degree.

Members of the teaching staff are professional, skilled and very experienced in adapting the study program to teach more mature students who have no background in the subjects. Throughout the program students receive personal attention, including counseling and therapy for learning difficulties, individual tutorials for students with difficulties to ensure their success, as well as group re-enforcement when needed.

Upon completion of their studies, students receive a graduation certificate that replaces the matriculation certificate. This certificate is recognized and accepted by all institutes of higher learning in Israel.