Job Placement

The Job Placement Center was established with the goal is to guide our graduates to full employment as they complete their studies.

Job Placement Services

Workshops on workforce preparation
The Center offers workshops on workforce preparation, with sessions focusing on the job market in Israel, creating a professional network, being proactive in the job search, in addition to interview tools and simulation

Individual support
The Center offers individual support and advice to students and graduates as they look for jobs and provides personal guidance in writing CV’s.

Employer connections
The Placement Center serves as a bridge between its graduates who are job seekers and potential employers. The Center initiates contact with companies that are potential employers and familiarizes them with the academic and vocational training programs, and conducts the initial filtering of job candidates for jobs positions. The Center also arranges internships for students, particularly those studying art therapy.

Our ultimate goal is that 80% of our graduates will be employed within a year upon graduating the course.