With the growing phenomenon of Haredi men and women pursuing a profession comes the financial burden of tuition. Most of our students have families to support and come from low socio-economic backgrounds, making tuition a significant obstacle to their education. Campus Strauss offers its students scholarships to ensure that no talent goes to waste. Scholarships are a crucial part of helping the community break the circle of poverty and become self-sufficient.

 Academic Scholarships
Our Scholarship Program allows Haredi students from low-income backgrounds to pursue academic degrees and thus pave a path to professional and financial success. Hadassah Academic College, as a government-supported college, receives 75% funding from the government per student, which is channeled directly to the institution. The remaining tuition of 10,000 NIS per year, for 3 years, however, still seems prohibitive for the many students who need to support their families while studying full time; thus scholarships are an essential tool for enrolling students and ensuring a high level of commitment

 Mechina Scholarships
Alongside the high motivation our Haredi students have when they enter the college, they are often missing fundamental building blocks of knowledge in basic subjects such as English, mathematics and the sciences,  which are essential  for them to enter the academic program. Therefore, SCAL offers a pre-academic Mechina which provides the necessary pre requisites before entering the academy. Aside from the full time curricular in the Mechina many students require extra assistance in the form of small group lessons or individual tutoring outside of school hours. Government scholarships are available only for Mechina students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds- about 90% of our students, but nearly all of them require additional intensive tutoring for which scholarships are not available.

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